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The Cook's Ranch Homeowner's Association is organized and operates as stipulated in the Cook's Ranch Declaration of Protective Covenants document. Adobe Acrobat PDF document format

The owner of each lot in Cook's Ranch automatically becomes a member of the Association. Members of the Association meet at an annual meeting to discuss action items, vote on membership dues, and elect officers.

Annual dues are collected from each homeowner to pay for common area subdivision electric service, lawn maintenance of the entrance area, entrance area irrigation system and other related fees. Dues also help to cover long-term maintenance of items such as street repair, sewer repair, gate maintenance, etc.

The Homeowner's Association can also levy assessments to cover the expense of larger maintenance projects.

Board of Directors

Currently, the Board of Directors is composed of the following homeowners who serve as elected officers:

Current Officer
  President Kathy Gaston
  Treasurer Stephanie Drennan
  Secretary Jeanette Pritchett

Restrictions and Architectural Controls

Architectural Controls

Cook's Ranch, Tyler's newest gated luxury home communityTo maintain the integrity and value of the community, restrictions and architectural controls have been developed.

Construction standards and development guidelines are carefully written to maximize residents' investments and lifestyles, and include but are limited to the following:

  • minimum square footage of homes
  • alarm systems
  • sprinkler systems
  • mailboxes
  • fences
  • storage buildings
  • landscaping

The Covenants outline the membership and operation of the Architectural Control Committee.

Restrictions and Uses

The Covenants also deal with the usage of lots in the development, and describe prohibited activities such as the following:

  • Overnight parking of trucks one-ton in size or greater
  • Loud radios and noise
  • Window air conditioning units
  • Wells and septic tanks
  • Parking on the street in excess of 8 hours
  • Keeping of automobiles which are not road worthy or are unlicensed
  • Burning of debris
  • Reflective window coverings
  • Dumping of refuse on other lots
  • Oil exploration
  • Illegal, noxious or offensive activities
  • and others

Read more in the Declaration of Protective Covenants document. Adobe Acrobat PDF document format

Also, the Cook's Ranch Homeowner's Association (HOA) Bylaws Adobe Acrobat PDF document format document contains additions as deemed necessary for the safety of all property owners and their guests.

Cook's Ranch Homeowner's Association - Easement Agreement - 2016 Adobe Acrobat PDF document format

Warranty Deed - Lot 64 - 2016 Adobe Acrobat PDF document format